Whereabouts. Whyabouts. Howabouts. If it affects me, it eventually affects the art. This is the way the world turns.

Days of Crispy Duck

Another Post About Why No Posts from the Artnest, which keeps changing location. Without your permission! So we left our Manhattan box in the sky (close to a Tree and a Streetlamp) to head northwards in October. Specifically, Portland. The Maine version. Number one question since we placed the rental deposit in August?

“Dude. Why Maine?”

There are two answers to this: Before and After.

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Bottle Me for Slapstick in Perpetuity

You know what’s awesome? Filling a bucket, early this afternoon, with hot water & 2 sponges, then taking it into the front room to scrub the studio shelves. Then going back for paper towels only somewhere in the kitchen– COOKIES NOW! So I whip up some magic bars and then, what else would be delicious? Molasses drop cookies! Four batches of those and a clean kitchen later, I just now remember the bucket with the sponges. Now the water’s cold, but the cookies are delicious.

We’ll try again later with the scrubbing.

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